Front-end developers […] These people are design-minded but not necessarily designers. These people are technically-minded but not necessarily developers. — “Design Engineering” Jonathan Snook

My area of expertise is tight to the interface design and development of websites and applications. I can thoroughly code HTML+CSS+JS driven by responsive mobile-first strategy. I’m currently using VUE.js to build single page applications. My past experience is in PHP and WordPress theming.

I’m a trained visual designer and a self-driven developer that likes to add value to the projects I get involved into. I’m a collaborative team player who enjoys sharing knowledge with others, being capable to receive constructive critiques and guidance as well. I like to contribute creating an atmosphere of good mood and commitment at the same time.

As a designer myself also, I have a fluent communication with UX and Visual design professionals to follow design specs and to achieve a pixel-perfect level implementation. Additionally, I have working experience in the full UX process: research, information architecture, interaction design, testing and visual design.

I like to code my own tools to consolidate knowledge, I’ve built two frameworks to speed up the delivery and team workflow. -Obse- for component management coded in PHP and -Irreverent- for flexibility and speed in CSS, both easy to maintain and to scale.

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